The Beginning

Every Story Has a Beginning

My name is Elizabeth and I am excited to be a part of our changing world. I began this process to open the doors of Frisk Market back in January of 2018. After trying to eat plant based for about a year and struggling with the challenge to find available products all at one location became daunting. I also found that when we ate out, my options were very limited unless I was willing to make compromises and exceptions to my rules. I have always had a passion for cooking and growing my own vegetables, often growing much more than I can eat and sharing with my work colleagues. This led me to the desire to share my culinary creations and knowledge of growing my own food with the community. Once I sparked the fire, I just was not willing to let it go out.

I have taken studies focusing on horticulture, agricultural resources, animal physiology, chemistry and ecology. One thing that rang true across all those areas is that plants are the future of saving our planet. From the concerns of global warming to the millions of people starving around the world, the only conclusion that many educational leaders are coming to is that our society needs to shift towards a plant based lifestyle. This all made sense to me yet I continued to eat meat and dairy full time at this point. I was over weight, always sick and barely had the energy to work my full time job let alone my university classes that supplemented it. With a major surgery in my near future, I decided I needed to take action on my health. Inspired by my sister who had gone vegan many years earlier, I began doing my research. I wanted to know if this lifestyle had helped others with their health concerns. My eyes were opened when I started watching the documentaries, reading research papers and books. Not only had eating plant based helped with their diseases and illnesses but also just their personal well being and happiness. Being who I am, I didn’t really start eating meat alternatives in the beginning. Based on my research, the most healthy option was to eat a whole foods plant based diet. I quickly discovered that I didn’t really even miss the meat all that much. My food tasted just as good, sometimes better without it. I was able to get myself healthy enough to get my double jaw surgery and even impress my surgeon with how quickly I was recovering.

Returning to work after the surgery was difficult. Having to recover from surgery, maintain my whole foods plant based diet and working full time was just too challenging for me. I needed to turn towards more convenient options for some of my meals. I quickly learned that convenience in the plant based world was pretty limited and almost non-existent in our cozy province. This is when I realized there had to be a better option out there and if not, I would make one.

In January of 2018, I made the decision that this was what I wanted to build my life around. I began my search for the perfect location, planned the process and what I would offer and left my full time job to pursue my dreams. There have been all kinds of challenges along the way and I anticipate there to be many more along the way but I am excited, uplifted and filled with joy for the first time in a long time. I want to teach those who don’t understand and learn from those who are veterans and full of wisdom.

I will admit that I am very new to this lifestyle but I know that this will be the wave of the future and savior for our planet. I want to help that movement in every way possible. Whether it be through educating people, showing them that there are delicious alternatives or just making it easier for people to transition and live the lifestyle that I have discovered to be enlightening.

I look forward to meeting and sharing passion with each and every one of you!