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Grilled Samz

Layers of cheezy* goodness, house made sauces and protein between two slices of locally made ancient grains bread and then grilled to perfection.

Seitan shall redesign your mind on beef!

Frisky Chz Beast

Shaved seitan, smoked gouda, green tomato sauce, balsamic onion sauce and pizzeria shredz

Philly Chz Beast

Shaved seitan, smoked gouda, green peppers, balsamic onion sauce and pizzeria shredz

This ain’t no ordinary chk’n!

BBQ Chk’n & Chz

Beyond Chicken chunks, ched slice, sweet onion BBQ sauce, pizzeria shredz


Smoked gouda, ched slice, pizzeria shredz, spicy tomato sauce

Beyond Burgers

It is finally here and to do it justice, we are pairing with our sweet & savory house made sauces!

This burger leaves you pondering life!

Beyond Loaded

Beyond Burger, ched slice, grainy mustard, spicy tomato sauce, diced onion, pickle, garlic mayo, baby greens

Beyond BBQ

Beyond Burger, smoked gouda, grainy mustard, sweet onion BBQ sauce, garlic mayo, baby greens

Add a Side Garden Salad for $3

Add Extra Protein for $2.00

Grain Bowls

Hearty combinations of vegetables, locally grown baby greens, steamed grains and protein finished with house made dressing.

This is not a simple salad, it has layers of wonder!

Cobb Salad

Baby greens, red & white quinoa, BBQ Beyond Chicken, Tofu scramble, sliced avocado, vegan feta, vegan bac’n crumbles, herb vinaigrette dressing

Wild Rice & Salm’n

Baby greens, butter beans, wild rice blend, kalamata olives, Sol Salm’n, herb vinaigrette dressing


Baby greens, farro, chickpeas, diced cucumber, kalamata olives, vegan feta, cherry tomato, herb vinaigrette dressing